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A Mystic by Nature 


As I listen to God's Voice,
I am sustained by His Love.

His Love lights up the world for me.
As I forgive,
His Love reminds me of innocence.

As I look with His vision,
I remember that I am His Son (ACIM)


Kirsten Buxton became devoted to awakening after falling to her knees and having a revelatory experience of such intense love she realized nothing else mattered.

In 2004 she began her journey with A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and 6 months later, enlightened mystic David Hoffmeister visited New Zealand. The recognition of Presence and Truth was immediate, and Kirsten heard the invitation from the Spirit to join David on a life-long journey into mysticism. 


Her path has been one of following the Holy Spirit / Jesus' Guidance. This has meant joining with David and Spirit-Given mighty companions on an awakening journey of putting the Kingdom of Heaven first, praying together, and following what is recognized to be the Holy Spirit's Guidance. The result is cascades of miracles, holy encounters, worldwide travels, and a vibrant worldwide community of beloveds with the same Calling. 

Kirsten authored a profound awakening journey book, which was her living experience with David during the early years. Find out more here
She collaborated with Friends through music, and Guided Meditations, which you can find here

Find out more about the Living Miracles spiritual community here


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