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Movie Reviews

Here are a few of my movie reviews. 

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The Map of Tiny Perfect things – 2021

Map of tiny perfect things pic.jpg

Themes: Time, Fear of Loss, Miracles, Specialness, Collaboration, Faith, Finding Purpose, Inspiration

Director: Ian Samuels

Writers: Lev Grossman (based on the short story by), Lev Grossman (screenplay by)

Stars: Kathryn Newton, Kyle Allen, Jermaine Harris

A sweet time-loop movie where 'mapping' the miracles and opening to joy is literally the way out of time!

How are we taken out of time? By recognizing that it is a decision to stay in it. The fear of loss has to be faced so the decision to let it go and be released from the script can be made. 

What is the alternative to fear of loss? To time? The miracle of Love! It lights our heart and mind and draws us through attraction, to release the past and accept God's Plan for salvation. 

Since being a little girl, Margaret knew the world was broken, and that there was a 4th dimension. But no matter how she tried, she couldn't find it. 

Mark finds himself in a time-loop, with the day repeating, and no matter what he tries, he can’t get out of it. They meet, discovering that they are both stuck in the same day, and initially believe that they must be the only two awake because they are aware of the time-loop, meaning they have unlimited time, whereas everyone else is not.

Even as they focus on the miracles they encounter each day, they eventually come to question that perhaps they are the ones asleep, and there is a reason why they are not able to move forward. He feels such love for her in his heart, but she is afraid - and pulls away every day to answer a phone call and disappear from their shared experience to a situation that she keeps private, and is unwilling to invite him into.

Mark realizes that it is not about him and his healing, and his focus shifts himself to being available to truly support his 'brother'. He maps out the miracles that occur daily, to see where there are gaps - where love is not present. He then discovers that she has consciously decided that she didn’t want to leave this day. The belief in loss, and not being ready to move on is was holds us to the past, and in a world of time.

Through opening up to Love, knowing we are not alone, the choice can be made to let go…


Sully – 2016

Themes: Miracle, Vigilance, Discernment, Trust, Attentiveness, Following, Faith, Doubt, Defenselessness, Injustice

“An unforgiving thought does many things. In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting and overturning what it sees as interfering with its chosen path. Distortion is its purpose, and the means by which it would accomplish it as well…  

Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to appearances it likes. It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is. Do nothing, then, and let forgiveness show you what to do, through Him Who is your Guide, your Savior and Protector, strong in hope, and certain of your ultimate success.” (W-pII.1.3-5)

A true story in which a flock of birds took out both engines of a passenger airplane Chesley Sullenberger (Sully) was flying over New York. In the midst of a catastrophic situation, Sully’s only option was to align with the calm, certain Presence of the Spirit within his mind. Going against the advice of Ground Control, Sully followed what he knew to be the only course of action to land the plane. 

Despite everything aligning in a miraculous way and no lives being lost, the aviation agency began investigating Sully’s decision, and the world turned completely to reflect self doubt.

The ego is a death wish. It is the voice of doubt that will insist on wrong-doing and guilt no matter what the circumstances. It always tries to ‘shoot the messenger’ in an attempt to distract attention away from the miracle. Our function is to put all of our faith and trust in the miracle, in our innocence, and in our brother. Where two or more are gathered in a holy alliance, the ego simply doesn’t stand a chance!


Sing Street – 2016

Themes: Depression, Doubt, Worthiness, Sarcasm, Collaboration, Dare to Take a Step, Faith, Finding Purpose, Inspiration

Director & Writer: John Carney

Stars: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Aidan Gillen, Maria Doyle Kennedy

A deeply inspiring and beautiful movie about taking the risk and going all the way. “Beyond this world there is a world I want.” “You cannot stop with the idea the world is worthless, for unless you see that there is something else to hope for, you will only be depressed. Our emphasis is not on giving up the world, but on exchanging it for what is far more satisfying, filled with joy and capable of offering you peace.”(Lesson 129. ACIM)

By focusing our mind on the Kingdom and desiring nothing else, the Holy Spirit will provide the means (holy relationships, opportunities for collaboration, mentors and abilities). When your heart and soul desire true freedom above all else, this desire is met with full support. Of course the ego will react, judge and attempt to attack and deny the light, but the ego is powerless in the face of true defencelessness and inspiration. 

Surrounded by unhappy adults and peers, 14yr old Conor is deeply inspired when he meets mysterious and beautiful Raphina, who lives across the road from his school. Before he knows it he has invited her to collaborate and star in a music video with his band. His next step is to form a band!

Despite the bullies, rough school, and depressive era of the 1980’s in Ireland, Conor discovers his dreams as he takes one risk after the next to follow his heart and shine his light. Through his steadfast dedication he is led, step by step, as he explores who he is and what he is capable of. Conor’s dedication is an inspiration to everyone with the eyes to see. Nothing is impossible when you’re willing to risk everything for the moment.



Risen – 2016

Themes: Faith, Awakening, Guilt, Wake-Up Call, Purpose, Death, Mighty Companions, Defenselessness, Miracles, Real Sight

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Writers: Kevin Reynolds, Paul Aiello

Stars: Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firt

Clavius, a Roman Tribune present at Jesus’ death, is tasked with finding Jesus’ missing body after the resurrection. Although the authority figures of the church and the Roman guard have given him this task to hide the Truth, the search turns out to be Clavius’ pathway to God.

Knowing nothing of Jesus, or the Spirit, Clavius is searching for a body, and those he interviews tell him clearly that he is looking in the wrong place. Intending to arrest the Apostles, Clavius first encounters them sitting with Jesus in the flesh, who welcomes him immediately as a brother. Unable to reconcile what he is seeing and feeling in his heart, he is irrevocably drawn to follow the Apostles, and it turns out that his part is essential in the Plan.

The Truth cannot be obscured, for it shines for all to see. No matter how hard the ego tries to blot out awareness of the Christ, the ego and all its defenses simply has no power over the light. The Christ is eternal life, and knowing this to be true means that the death of the body is truly meaningless. So inspiring!


Insurgent 2015.png

Insurgent – 2015

(Sequel to Divergent 2014)

Themes: Metaphysical, Discover True Identity, Awareness of Dreaming, Awakening, Mind Training, Vigilance, Private Thoughts, Guilt, Anger, Death, Purpose

Director: Robert Schwentke

Writers: Brian Duffield & Akiva Goldsman (screenplay)

Stars: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James

The ego is a death wish, being the denial of eternal life. No matter how clever and ingenious it seems to be, it simply cannot replicate love and peace.

The path of awakening involves letting go of limiting self concepts, accepting the mighty companions who desire to join in shared purpose, and intensive mind-training. Once the mind is clear and focused, deeper realms of healing can be approached, including facing the unconscious guilt in the mind, the death-wish, and the fear of love.

Anger, hatred and private thoughts are a cover over guilt. Having taken many steps to loosen from past associations, and having undergone intensive mind-training, Tris is now in touch with the unconscious guilt that is arising in her awareness for healing.  At the core of the guilt is the belief that she is responsible. It is no secret that Tris is hurting over the recent deaths of her parents and friends, but she can’t bring herself to expose and share her darkest thoughts from Four, her holy relationship partner. She believes that it is better to protect him, rather than tell him the ‘truth’ about herself. She believes her very existence is a threat to those that she loves.

The death-wish in the mind is arising to be faced and transcended, and it plays out in an extreme way for Tris to see – compounding her sense of responsibility for saving everyone.

Underneath independence is unworthiness. When there is guilt in the mind, the driving force behind ‘choices’ is ‘I have to do it alone’. The belief in sacrifice is what pushes the mind to continually compromise and try to handle things, as a defense. And yet, as Tris is shown, she cannot be alone. Her mighty companions are those who have been Given her to turn to, and they continue to show up every step of the way because her Calling is their Calling.

The path of awakening has been planned by One who knows our highest good – and it is impossible to mess it up. Even at the lowest point, on the brink of suicide, the perfect symbol of love is right there to take the gun from Tris’ hand in calm certainty, because death of the body is not the Spirits Plan. Transcendence is.

The whole world has been given this holy purpose. Even when it seems to be ‘the ego’s world’ and the ego seems to be in control of the plan – it isn’t. This is a misperception. The Spirits Plan is awakening to Truth, and even in the midst of the darkest moment of the storyline, the ego is not in control. The ego is deception. It does not know it’s own identity, or Yours, and its attempts to condemn the Son of God and misuse the power of the mind for it’s own purposes can never work out.

Tris realizes that there is one Plan that is playing out – the ego may have ‘written the script’ but by her playing her part without resistance, applying her highly developed skills and single-pointed focus to face the ego, she comes to the ultimate moment. It is a total surrender – the decision to no longer fight, resist or defend. It is the remembrance that this is a dream, and Who I Am cannot die. Who I Am is the Gift! When death is no longer a threat, the Son of God is truly free.

* ACIM Section – Fear to Look Within



Little Boy.jpg

Little Boy – 2015

Believe the Impossible

Themes: Faith, Devotion, Anger, Injustice, Finding Purpose, Judgment, Willingness, Forgiveness


Director: Alejandro Monteverde

Writers: Alejandro Monteverde, Pepe Portillo

Stars: Jakob Salvati, Emily Watson, David Henrie


The single desire of the Son to reunite with the Father is a Love that knows no limits. Singular purpose and faith surely can move mountains. Our destiny is to be with the One we Love.


Little Boy is born tiny. He and his father adore each other, they are “partners” in life and play, who completely understand each other. They are heartbroken when World War 2 calls the father away to fight the Japanese.


Hashimoto, a Japanese man who has lived most of his life in the town is the target for resentment and hatred from those who have lost family members or fear for their safety. After Little Boy and his older brother are involved with a minor attack upon Hashimoto, the local priest gives Little Boy a powerful, healing assignment that will change his mind and life in ways that even the priest could not foresee.


Only through forgiveness and single-pointed desire can faith grow in strength, and overcome all obstacles. Little Boy’s determination is absolute – there is nothing he will not do to reunite with his Father. As he takes on his assignments he is taken through a heart-opening, mind-training program, planned by One who obviously knows his best interests within a greater Plan.


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