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Realizing our will is one with Gods and embracing the fact that the Holy Spirit is Guiding us to do what is actually our heart’s desire is essential if we want to be happy. The ego insists that this is a path of sacrifice; that the Holy Spirit is an external authority that is going to take away what little we have. It is in the letting go that we are Guided into our joy, to what makes our heart sing!



The gifts that are received by saying Yes to the Plan are spiritual, you can feel the power, the Presence and the beauty that inspires them. When these gifts are experienced, you can't help but want to give them away, to share this incredible Gift of Grace.


Music is an invitation to go beyond thought... to merge into oneness.


Some music is an invitation to sink deeply into the Presence of God in which everything dissolves, other uplifting music is like wind beneath wings when it’s time to let go and soar.


Our life is a note in the Song of Life... 

Living Miracles Studio

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